1. Service & Repair


    Customers trust Olson Industries to offer one-stop modernization and rebuild services.

    Our experienced personnel provide both minor and complete retrofit and modernization services designed to improve overall performance, fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance and downtime.

    Modernization services include:

    • Engineering and redesign.
    • New furnace linings using advanced materials.
    • Advanced control systems, including PLC-based systems with HMI and computer-based interfaces.
    • Burner assemblies and updated firing systems.
    • Wear items and seal replacements
    • Roller hearth drive systems.
    • Heat recovery systems, including regenerative types.
    • Rehabilitation or replacement of furnace internals, including load supports.
    • Installation services.

    Parts and Service

    Olson offers a full compliment of spare parts services to customers, regardless of original furnace design. Our experienced staff and manufacturing department is able design and manufacture cast parts and other fabricated assemblies for virtually any furnace configuration.

    In addition, we also offer:

    • New and replacement controls.
    • Flame safety equipment including UV detectors.
    • Control valves and operators.
    • Furnace rolls.
    • Radiant tubes.
    • Curb castings.
    • Alloy internal castings.
    • Bearings.
    • Burners and port blocks.
    • New controllers and repair kits.
    • PLC parts.
    • Gear boxes, chain, sprockets, clutches, pumps, fan impellers.
    • Fabricated steel and alloy parts.
    • Expedited and emergency repair services.


    Olson Industries provides many additional services to improve the efficiency of your heat treating or thermal process equipment, including:

    • Combustion system tuning.
    • Compliance and certification surveys to meet government, military or other statutory specifications, including temperature compliance readings.
    • Test thermocouples and multipoint certified uniformity tests.
    • Equipment inspection, including “crawl through” analysis with written recommendations to improve performance and reduce maintenance.
    • Training services.
    • Dry-out and full testing of new or retrofitted furnaces.
  2. Typical Applications

    • Car Bottoms
      (Annealing, Tempering, Forging)
    • In/Out Batch Type
    • Steckel (coiling for reverse mills)
    • Roller Hearths
    • Reheating Continuous
    • Hot Dip Galvanizing
    • Recirculating
    • Preheating
    • Custom Applications
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